sjelfull mai 2010

Yfir hla og yfir hir

Svavar Knutur

Nytt fra Cloud Cult!

jeg blir ett lykkelig og varmt menneske, som vanlig

Dansa bugg lyssna p carola

Meursault er ett av mine favorittband

Song, by Toad Records Myspace

Mumford & Sons

de virker s snille

The question I asked of most of the songs was whether or not I would dance to them

You know in Archie comics when there's a school dance and you see little cartoon music notes floating out of the PA speakers? I like to think this new record sounds like those notes.gleder meg ...

You wrote your number on my hand, but it came off in the rain

There's more birds in my backyard than yours

So, I'll make it through the winter/Drop the needle on the vinyl and it crackles/Throw another log on the fire and it chhhhchshhhchhhhchhhh/I guess they got a lot in common/Come on, they could ...

Foals - Total Life Forever



moment explorer.




Fine mennesker og sånt profil